Digitale Agenda Wien

  • Date: 10th Jul, 2018
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The City of Vienna is one of the most liveable cities on this planet, aims to stay in this league and wants to become even smarter. For this reason, the project “Digital Agenda Vienna” had been established with the aim to develop the structures necessary to support the increasing digitisation of the economy and society, involve citizens in decision making, improve the location for businesses, and foster efficient and pleasant dealings between the city administration, citizens, enterprises, and other stakeholders.

The task was to work out the requirements for the information and communication of the City of Vienna, taking into account different perspectives (citizens, enterprises, employees and others), and to implement the findings.


Together with our partner CSC, we have designed a process that strongly involves the citizens in the deliberations and decisions of the future course of the City of Vienna. The resulting 3-step process was based on an idealised strategy formulation process:

  1. Collection of ideas
  2. Organisation of ideas and document drafting in working groups
  3. Validation of arguments contained in the document

Phase 1 and 3 have been done online at to allow broad participation. The second phase had been elaborated in workshops which involved experts but also volunteers that participated online.

cbased took care of the customization and management of the online platform used for the crowdsourced online discussions and together with our partner CSC, we have moderated the online process. Existing social media and print channels have been used to promote the project in the city.


The Digital Agenda Vienna is a best practice example of an open innovation project. 105 ideas have been developed by 867 participants that made 320 comments and 1303 votings. Matching the citizen ideas with expert knowledge substantially enlarged the “action space” and led to proposals that would have been neither developed by citizens or experts working in isolation.