We support our clients when it comes to involving their stakeholders in innovation and strategy developments in a qualified manner. To do so, we implement sustainable and web-based information, communication and participation processes by way of various creative methods. Perspectives, needs and chances are thus rendered transparent and comprehensible for everyone involved. With our tech expertise, we design open communications processes through which we bring the information, competencies and existing knowledge of your stakeholders (experts, co-workers, customers, suppliers and members) on board, making them useful to your organisation. A dialogue-based engagement with your stakeholders promotes acceptance, creates competitive advantages and reduces risk.



Stakeholder & actor analyses

We identify and map your stakeholders to make sure nobody is overlooked so that you can involve all relevant persons.

Monitoring of environments and themes

We illuminate the project’s communications environment and/or its themes. Opinions and attitudes are rendered visible, which allows for mutual understanding and improved result quality.

Designing, developing & consulting processes

We develop fitting participation formats and concepts with you. Here, sustainable and efficient processes take the centre stage.

Implementation and process support

We bring our expertise and our resources when it comes to the realisation and support of the participation process. Whether technical equipment, process management or moderation, you can count on us.

Informing and involving

Every participation process requires open communication. We handle the professional communication supervision to mobilise and involve your stakeholders.

Evaluation and analysis

We transform the dialogue-output into valuable information that can be implemented feasibly. We prepare the compression, analysis and contextualisation of the results and provide them in a format that is easy to grasp.