• The Danube Region. State of the Region, Challenges and Strategy Development


The purpose of the EUSDR is to reinvigorate the Danube region. The community collaborated with a research team. In addition to cbased, ZEW, IAW and WIIW were involved in this project.


In order to define new measures for the reinvigoration of the Danube region cbased lead discussions, moderated focus groups and managed online processes. After the focus groups had established first conclusions these have been made available to a wider audience for validation.


As a result cbased formulated concrete recommendations to meet the objective of the reinvigoration of the Danube region.

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View & Download full PDF (Socio‐Economic Assessment of the Danube Region: State of the Region, Challenges and Strategy Development)

Project responsibilities
  • Project design
  • Scientific research
  • Conduct interviews with focus groups
  • Moderation of online discussion
  • Customized technology
  • Process management

Project facts
  • Client: The Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
  • Participation: 150 participants in online discussion, 50 participants in 4 focus groups
  • Type of discussion: Internal
  • Year: 2015

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