• Open Data Action Plan

    External discussion process


The Open Data Action Plan is the German Federal Government’s National Action Plan to implement the G8 Open Data Charter. The objective was to gather ideas for the use of open data in the possession of the federal administration and to develop a strategy for the exploitation of said data by way of conducting two online phases and five workshops.


Together with our partner CSC, we carried out the process design, programmed and managed the platform, and managed and moderated the online process.


During the span of the seven-month project, in addition to administrators, civil society, academics and business experts, we succeeded in reaching stakeholders who had not previously been exposed to the topic and could provide valuable input.

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Project responsibilities
  • Process design
  • Moderation of online discussion
  • Customized technology
  • Process management

Project facts
  • Client: Ministry of the Interior Berlin, Initiative 21, Berlin
  • Participation: 350 registered users, 254 ideas
  • Type of discussion: Public discussion
  • Year: 2015

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